Dr Peter Galgut   PhD(LMU), MPhil(Lond), MSc(LON), BDS(Rand), MRD RCS(Eng), DDF Hom, FHEA, CUEW


Professionally my career has gone down many paths. I am a dentist specialising in treating gum disease and other problems that occur in the mouth and jaws. I am also a scientist, having published a large number of scientific papers on aspects of dental care.

Working with people both clinically and scientifically awakened in me the realisation that human beings are hugely complex entities that simply cannot be reduced to simple mathematical formulae as promoted by the current reductionist scientific community.

My PhD thesis highlighted the limitations and failures of statistics, reinforcing the awareness that human beings are far more complex than simple facts and figures, having characteristics that transcend physicality.

An increasing awareness of a greater non-physical reality that surrounds our lives led me to explore religious concepts of nonphysical aspects of life.

This book is the result of the fusion science and religion, of the physical and nonphysical, and the inevitable conclusion that there is more in common with these two philosophies than is currently appreciated.